Angela Pugh Kansas City Life Coach and Addiction Professional

Kansas City counseling and coaching firm specializing in Life, Relationships, and Addiction.

“Angela, you are such an inspiration and I’m so glad to have you in my toolbox!”  Rachel- 2016

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Meet Angela

Certified Counselor ~ Certified Coach

I am a Counselor, Interventionist, and Coach specializing in life, relationships, and addiction. Through my own journey with addiction and recovery I learned the importance of support and guidance. I also learned that big changes are not impossible, but I needed someone to teach me new skills for living a different way. That is the beauty of Coaching! We work together to learn the skills needed to create the life you want.    

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This is the perfect time to stop talking, and start doing! Call me, I can help!  877.976.4196

“You should be proud how much you help families and individuals. You’re professional, patient, and thoughtful. Your approach is excellent.”  Eric- 2016

Benefits of Using a Professional Coach


80% Improve Self-Confidence       73% Improve Relationships       72% Improve Communication          67% Improve Life Balance


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Addiction is a part of my personal story so it is a natural fit for me to work with individuals and families as they struggle through these tough issues.

Intervention, Find a Treatment Center, Individual & Family Work!

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“We couldn’t have done this alone. Thank you!”
Mary E. - Albuquerque, NM 2011
“Angela was easy to work with and her help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received was excellent.”
Peter J. - Santa Barbara, CA 2010
“The guidance Angela offered our family was invaluable. There are many things we couldn’t have been prepared for and she helped us every step of the way.”
Norma L. - Kansas City, KS 2010
“Angela is a life-saver! She not only guides me through life and becoming the woman I want to be, but she helped me through the planning of my wedding. I never thought I would need a coach to get through that process but she helped my fiancé (now husband!) and I communicate better, understand one another, and work toward the best relationship I have ever had!”
Sherry R. - Kansas City, KS 2014
“I love working with Angela and I am so grateful for her phone sessions! I have a 3 year-old son and my life can be unpredictable, but she worked with me in those situations and was super flexible. I had to quit drinking and I am only 24. It was affecting my marriage, my son, and my relationship with my mom. Angela helped me understand alcoholism in a way that didn’t scare me. She made it seem easy to quit and easy to change my life. I have been sober almost a year now and I owe it all to her!”
Jenna J. - Kansas City, MO 2015