Need support in your recovery?

A Recovery Coach is an easy solution!

I am a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, as well as a Certified Recovery Coach. A Recovery Coach is a person with personal experience and/or a connection to the world of addiction and recovery.

Recovery Coaches are professionals. Helping to guide and support people as they enter recovery, and  those active in recovery in need some extra support. We uphold ethical practices, motivate, and support clients and have a personal understanding of  the recovery process.

Research shows people with substance abuse issues respond better to peer-based helping professionals. That is the basis of a Recovery Coach. We are peers, walking the same walk, learning the same lessons, doing it together.

As a Recovery Coach, I also support the family. Everyone needs healing from the damage of addiction and I can help identify local resources for family needs.

My recovery began in January of 2006. I received another charge for DUI and, finally, I realized I didn’t want to live like that anymore. When I began to see changes and truly feel better I knew my passion was to help other people achieve the same.

First of all, I became a Certified Life Coach or Certified Coach Practitioner.  I began helping my friends with goal setting and other things. Practicing as a Life Coach the first couple of years of my sobriety prepared me for a later transition to Recovery Coach.

My Training

I trained initially through the state of Kansas as a Certified Peer Mentor (Recovery Coach). And, consequently, became a Trainer of Certified Peer Mentors (Recovery Coaches). In addition to that, I was invited to participate in a ground-breaking, new 5-day intensive training called the Recovery Coach Academy. This specialized training was provided by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR). CCAR is a recognized leader in the profession of Recovery Coaching.

So, that is a bit about my history and my some of my training. I am constantly working on my education and attending trainings in different areas to be the best support I can be for my clients. Addiction is a field that is evolving and changing everyday. We are learning more about this disease all the time and we are constantly looking at new ways to approach it and interrupt its growth. My commitment is to always know what is happening, what is available, and how it can help me serve my clients better.

There are many obstacles to overcome in recovery, and it is nice to have a teammate who understands and who has been there themselves.

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